Power: An example to follow

The pinkie finger on my right hand is bent. Almost 50 years ago I cut it carving a pumpkin. After two surgeries, one to repair the severed tendon and the second to repair the joint, my finger was left unable to straighten.

Several years later, I was a Tae Kwon Do instructor. Despite demonstrating the proper technique for a knife-hand strike (the fingers are all straight) with my left hand, the students would continually try to bend their right pinkie finger to make it look like mine.

I could not out teach how they saw my hand.

Jesus was a living example of God for us to follow. Whatever he asked could be seen in his life.

Jesus had power, lots of power. How do we see him using this power?

He did not hold it over people’s heads. His power was demonstrated at the disciples feet. It was demonstrated by the company he kept and loved. His power was demonstrated in the forgiveness he gave, the life he offered, and the patience he exhibited.

Jesus power was demonstrated in humble service. His power was used to lift other people up and heal them.

Getting to the point: Does my life demonstrate the power of Jesus in humility and service? Or, does my life demonstrate power in authority over people?

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