A power to embrace

While we should be wary of power, there is a power to embrace.

It is not an insecure power in need of dominance. It is a power which lifts up and does not oppress.

Lacking a better phrase, it is a Kingdom of God power and not a worldly power.

It is a power to see the divine image in each and every person, regardless.

It is a power to bear patiently with those who struggle and stumble along the way.

It is a power to help carry the burdens of those who struggle, too.

It is a power to think of others more highly than we think of ourselves.

It is a power to forgive those who have wronged or harmed us. It is also the power to reconcile with them.

It is a power to enable us to patiently listen, love, and embrace the oppressed, marginalized, ostracized, and minority.

It is a power to believe there is a better way to live and to invite people to live it with you.

It is a power to love unconditionally, trusting God is moving through our love and loving actions.

It is a power which cares for those in need and puts skin on the God in whom we profess belief.

This Kingdom of God Power is found when worldly power is surrendered. It is found by asking God to search our hearts and show each of us where we, not other people, need to surrender power.

This is the kind of power to which the world will pay attention.

It is costly. While many will find this attractive and worthwhile to pursue, it will not always be welcomed. Some will find it a threat and will try to stop it.

Do not lose heart. Do not resort to calling fire from heaven. Patiently, kindly, and humbly trust God is with you and will empower you through it all.

This is the power to embrace for this is a Power which embraces us.

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