Love is not easy.

Love is not romantic.

Love is not comfortable.

Maybe that is why I can be so stingy with love.

I want love to be fun. I want it to be comfortable, like a pair of sneakers. I want a movie version of love. You know, happily ever after and all that.

But people are rarely at my speed. They need more than I have time or a willingness to give.

People are so needy…and unappreciative of my efforts.

So, I save my love for those people that will appreciate it.

Love is patient.

I so often am not. 

And that makes love difficult.

One thought on “Difficult

  1. Sharen Kreitsch

    So true, Dave. Love can be so messy. Love can be difficult and require us to reach to the depths of our soul. It can leave us crying out, “I’d rather not but if I love Jesus I must.”

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