Maybe it’s just the mood I’m in. Maybe it’s the things that I’ve been reading lately. Maybe it’s all of that and more. But before I have to go to work, I was wondering why we are so stingy with love?

God was not and is not stingy with love. God’s love is poured out in the rain and in the sunshine. In a world filled with sorrow, hatred, bitterness, and strife God gave us Jesus. “For God so loved the world…”

God’s love was not and is not exhausted when it is refused or abused. It keeps on giving. Even in the face of hatred. “Father, forgive them for they don’ know what they are doing.”

God’s love is enduring and everlasting. It is abundant and overflowing.

Who is outside of God’s love? God demonstrated God’s love for us, “While we were still sinners.”


Why are we, you and me, so stingy?

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