The gift of pettiness.

Okay, this isn’t a gift you want. It’s one of those gifts you get from someone that means well but doesn’t understand what a gift is. Unless their idea of a gift is to see just how fine we can draw the line between being kind and lying.

Me? I can get petty with who says what and responds to what on Twitter. I hate this about me. I don’t think it takes any special talent to be petty. Maybe that is why I am so good at it.

Listing all of the things that I let get under my skin would prove how petty I am, but I don’t really want you to know the depths of this depravity. I think it will suffice for you to know that I know that I am petty.

Perhaps being self-aware will be helpful to overcoming my addiction to utilizing this dreary gift. I could, however,  simply spend my days hating the fact that I am petty and do nothing more about it than recognize it in my life. I hope it is the former.

One thought on “The gift of pettiness.

  1. Kim Nebel

    I am becoming freed of the burden of believing that I have any obligation to others but love. Irregardless of how they feel towards or perceive me. Your strongest gift is your ability to love unconditionally. It makes sense that the pastor in you could make you believe that you also have to exert some control in guiding, directing, educating. This could let in the annoyance of pettiness when others don’t move in the direction you feel they should. Focus on your strongest gift, which really is a gift, and really is strong in you, and the pettiness will just evaporate away.

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