I just need to write.

I just need to write. It doesn’t have to be amazing, or eloquent  or insightful, or brilliant. It just has to be writing. I have all these ideas that are rushing around in my head. There are images that flash in my minds eye as clear and as bright as a sunny day and when I get to the keyboard (I almost said typewriter) they disappear in just a few words. It’s frustrating to have these thoughts in my head and not be able to get them recorded.

Mind you, not all of them are wonderful. More than a few should not be searched for when found to be missing. Some actually pretty good. Listening to podcasts when I walk my daughter’s dog, Vela, I hear popular authors and preachers talk about ideas that I’ve thought of on my walks. I might have even thought of them first. Maybe, when I get to the keyboard and I lose the ideas, they float aimlessly around the atmosphere until they find someone that is  ready to write them down. And maybe, just maybe, these people have been writing long enough that their fingers and mind work together well enough to keep the images and thoughts flowing long enough to record these ideas and plumb their depths.

I just need to write. Then I will capture some of the ideas and insights before they slip away and into some other persons book…I hope.


Image from: http://www.navy.mil/view_single.asp?id=75508

One thought on “I just need to write.

  1. Kim Nebel

    or, maybe the ideas come from the Holy Spirit, who’s talking to others and they just write them down first! They’re not telepathically stealing your ideas at all!, Rather, just dipping in the communal pot! By all means write! Journaling, blogging, typing,those of us who follow your writing posts miss them! Don’t write because you need to, write because we need you to! That train of thought will appeal to the giver in you more,

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