Complain or follow?

It has been a long time since I have written anything. It isn’t that I haven’t had things to say. It’s just that those things I wanted to say didn’t seem appropriate for the tone of this blog. There were thoughts and comments about what other people were saying about any number of topics. There were strong opinions about what I think is right and what I think is dead wrong. They were all things about how screwed up we are when it comes to moving the Kingdom of God forward. In short, they were words that were written in anger and frustration and not love.

The verse below is my ‘Whiner-baby” verse. Every time I get like that, I hear this verse. Well, when I quit whining long enough I hear it.

It isn’t like Jesus doesn’t know just how messed up and arrogant we can all be. He certainly knows how arrogant I can be about my thoughts and opinions.

So, I haven’t written…and now I am.


Jesus answered, “If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? You must follow me.” John 21.22

This verse haunts me. I hear it all the time.

If Peter is going to have what sounds like a nightmare of a future for following Jesus, what about the disciple Jesus loved? Jesus says, “What about him, Peter?”

Often, when reading blogs, watching or reading the news, and catching up on the all important Twitter Tweets, I hear people knocking people and talking about the superiority of their opinions over others (much like I am doing here). When they are particularly mean-spirited or narrow, I want to say, “What about them, Jesus?” “They’re running your name through the mud.”

“What about them? You must follow me.”

While I certainly wish that we Christians would be kinder and gentler with our opinions and critiques, it isn’t about them. It is about me and my life and how I follow Jesus that is important.

I disagree with many of the folks whose blogs I read. So what? What am I going to do in my little section of the world? What am I going to do with the people with whom I come in contact? What am I going to say and do that will make a positive impact in the lives of people round me?

There is lots to say about how the Christian life is lived. There is lots to say about best practices.

There is lots to say, but what am I going to do with where I am and my call to follow Jesus?

I can complain or I can be obedient and follow Jesus. I pray for the courage to follow obediently.


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