Oh no! Evangelism!!!

From cripplegate.com

What is evangelism?

Here is what I think evangelism is…

Evangelism takes time to explore the heart of God’s beloved. It takes time to listen for the deepest yearnings of the heart. Evangelism knows that life is unfair and cruel at times. Evangelism knows it doesn’t need an answer for the suffering but must be present in the midst of it.

Evangelism comes from a place of wonder and curiosity. Evangelism, therefore, can afford to listen rather than speak.

Evangelism reassures people of God’s unconditional love and that can allow people to risk being transparent in his or her own struggles, weakness, and failures.

Evangelism doesn’t assume it knows what God’s beloved needs. Evangelism is assured that God is in the midst of it all and God will be made known in the right way at the right time.

Evangelism desires to see what God sees in the other person and reveal it to them.

Evangelism is willing to hold on tightly to God’s beloved as the gravity of sin tries to convince him or her that they are unlovable and worthless because of their sin.

Evangelism loves …deeply…courageously…sacrificially…hopefully…patiently…honestly because that’s how God loves.

Evangelism is the act of loving those around us without agenda. Because love with an agenda doesn’t really feel like love but a sales call.

Evangelism opens closed doors and invites everyone in.

Evangelism loves a party.

What is evangelism to you?

2 thoughts on “Oh no! Evangelism!!!

  1. I struggle with this phrase: “Evangelism loves the sinner…deeply…courageously…sacrificially…hopefully…patiently…honestly.” And if you know me it isn’t because I don’t think you should do those things. It just, and maybe I’m a sappy want-to-be hippy, but it just sounds like elitism. Is it saying the one who evangelizes isn’t a sinner? Is it saying the one who is evangelizing is somehow better than the one being evangelized. I just struggle with ideas that put me here and someone else over there and I know that is in no way what you intended (probably just the opposite).

    1. I get what you are saying. The idea of that phrase was to negate or eliminate “love the sinner, hate the sin.” The other part of this is that evangelism has news, but it is without an agenda. Perhaps you are right that that phrase separates. It might not be in line with the rest of the post. I’ve edited the post to reflect that idea. Thank you!

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