Seeing you through different eyes

Some commercials have an effect on the environment of the rooms that I am in. I don’t understand  how this happens. Maybe it is like those ionizing air purifiers from several years back that trap bad stuff in their fancy electronic gizmo filters (I know, I should be a technical writer) but in reverse. Some how and in some way the dust in any room is amplified and then causes my eyes to well up and water.

“Are you crying?”

“No! It is just really dusty in here and my allergies are kicking in!”

“It looks like you are crying.”

“Well I’m not! Okay!?”

“Okay. But if I had to guess, I would say you are crying.”

“Well, why don’t you guess where the nearest exit is and see if you are right?”

Anyway, there is something beautiful about this commercial.

Women have been taught to think a certain way about their beauty. In fact, most of the messages are that they are not enough and in turn they do not consider themselves beautiful. That’s sad, really. It is sad that people do not see their beauty or what is wonderful in themselves.

Here is a recent Dove commercial. WARNING: This commercial has proven to amplify the dust in my room and may cause watery eyes.

What if you had to describe how God sees you? What would you emphasis?

What if you then spent some time with Jesus and then he described you?

Yes, sin has damaged us. Yes, sin is destructive. Yes, sin is keeping you from having the life God wants you to have.

But NO! You are not this horrible creature that God cannot stand to look at. You are worth more to God than you could ever know. I hope you get a glimpse of that today.

Here is the full version:

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