Nazarenes and Fundamentalists: 10 Differences

A while ago, on a Nazarene friendly bulletin board, someone asked for 10 differences between Fundamentalists and Nazarenes. So, being the good guy that I am, I came up with a list.

Here it is:

  1. Fundamentalists believe the chicken had no choice in crossing the road, Nazarene’s do.
  2. How many Fundamentalists does it take to change a light bulb? NONE! The Bible does not say anything about light bulbs!!!
  3. How many Nazarenes does it take? While there is no Scriptural mention of light bulbs, reason dictates that we change it and that has been our tradition.
  4. Nazarenes are typically more fun at parties, but not by much and only compared to Mormons.
  5. Fundamentalist read the KJV. Nazarenes only pray in King James.
  6. Fundamentalists can say Ass in church. Nazarenes only get to say Donkey.
  7. Fundamentalists will mix religion and politics. Nazarenes will not permit mixed bathing.
  8. Fundamentalists take the Bible literally. Nazarenes got their name from the Bible.
  9. Nazarenes believe in a big tent. Fundamentalists don’t like camping.
  10. Fundamentalists take things literally. Nazarenes get the joke.

This is probably only funny to me. A bit too much insider humor (attempted) and not for a larger audience. However, it is an attempt at not taking myself too seriously. I need to learn to laugh at myself every so often. What about you?

If you didn’t get this, or didn’t like it…

What are some of your favorite religion jokes that do make you laugh?

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