Social media and world peace

I was listening to a friend talk about his trip to Israel when he made a quick comment about Facebook and world peace. This got me thinking.

What if Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media are avenues for the start of world peace?

What if the vast number of acquaintances (Friends/Followers) give us a chance to see each other as real humans and not caricatures?

After all, we post pictures of our loved ones, vacations, our meals, our children and other family members for all to see. We post about the brave things, the noble things, and the weird things we do. We share our lives, the good, the bad, and the stupid , anyone and everyone depending on your privacy settings. Through all of this there is a dawning reality that we are not so much different from each other.  We have a common bond.

I have friends in different countries. These are people I have met through my work with a Salvation Army camp in my town. We’ve shared meals, prayed together, and laughed together.These are wonderful people. I know them. I love them. This creates some tense times if I happen to hear news about something going on in their country. Earthquakes, fires, disease, economic woes, and war take on new meaning because it isn’t happening to faceless and nameless strangers. These things are happening to my friends. All of the sudden I care in a whole different way than before. All suffering hurts me. However, the pain I feel is intensified when there is a personal connection.

How would these things change the way we view the rest of the world and all of their struggles and hardships?

What if social media could/can/does have some part in all of this?

I use Twitter. I am following and being followed. Hopefully the seeds of peace can be nurtured in mine and others Tweets.

Maybe all I am trying to say is that it is much harder to hate someone that has made you laugh and shared their life in pictures with  you.

A guy can dream, right?

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