I ride by this house pretty regularly. I don’t know anything about it except what I imagine.

In my mind there is a young couple, newly married, facing a life filled with the promise of a wonderful life together. They bought the property for a really good price, at least that’s what everyone said, and started work on their new home.

It is simply made but filled with love. It is a house filled with love.

There are children exploring in the woods nearby. The world around them is filled with wonder. How many frogs, rabbits, catepillars, and other jewels of nature found their way into that home?

There are Holidays when the house is filled with the smells of freshly baked apple pie and slow roasted turkey.

I ride by the house and that is usually what I see. A house that once was filled with life, love, and the promise of dreams come true.

When I ride by, the paint is always fresh, children are playing in the front, and laughter fills the air.

The house stands ready to shelter another hopelessly romantic couple from the realities of life and give them comfort and the safety to dream of life and love and contentment.,,some day.

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