Dancing at the bus stop and the Good News

I was thinking about how to write about the Good News that Christians speak so often about. I was writing about evangelism, sin, the Gospel, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I was defining terms and trying to make it all make sense. Then I saw this video: “The Awesome Dancing Bus Stop Guy. This guy just dances while he waits for the bus. His dancing is how I want to describe the Good News and the freedom it has for each of us. Sadly, there are a lot of Christians that don’t live with this freedom.

When I was just beginning my life as a Christian, it seemed that many of my fellow Christians were anxious about what other Christians thought about them. Apparently, there isn’t a lot of freedom if it’s out of the ‘norm.’ In other words, a certain amount of our freedom can be wrapped up in what other people think of us.

I get fitting in, really I do. But, if fitting in stifles something wonderful and uniquely you/me/us it really isn’t as liberating or freeing as we’d hope.

This doesn’t apply to people going out and expressing themselves in ways that are contrary to the life God wants us to live. Lots of things steal our true life instead of give us life. I’m talking about being closer to the real, unique, beautiful people God knows and created.

The Good News is we are loved by God and “God is love” (1 John 4.8,16) It is unshakable and unforgettable. God’s love doesn’t depend on what is ‘cool’ or ‘acceptable.’  God’s love is everlasting and trustworthy. God’s love says, “Be the “you” I created.”

Sometimes I think that people wouldn’t love me if they knew just who I was inside. Freedom comes when I remember that God knows exactly who I am and loves me still. God knows who you are and loves you too!

Getting a grasp of God’s love for us can give us the freedom to walk, skip, or dance if we want. When we realize just how much we are loved and how unchanging God’s love is for us, we can just be us…and like it. We can do this even if the person next to us doesn’t get it.

Maybe you don’t want to dance at the bus stop. Maybe you don’t want to do anything like that at all. Maybe you just want to know that no matter what you are loved. Let me assure you that you are loved.

Here’s what I hope for you: I hope you find out just how much God loves you today. I hope you find a group of people that will accept you and affirm the “You” that God created.  And, I hope it makes your heart sing and your feet move a bit. You don’t have to dance, but it wouldn’t hurt to sway.

Here he is, The Awesome Dancing Bus Stop Guy

2 thoughts on “Dancing at the bus stop and the Good News

  1. I’m not rightly sure I know who I am anymore.

    I have been known, though, to break out in a booty shake or two when the mood hits me in the middle of where ever. Why the heck not?

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