The source of everything that is wrong and what I’m going to do about it.

I really don’t want to be one of those people. You may know the kind of person I’m talking about.

They are the ones that point out everything that is wrong with everything.The only thing that is going right is what they are doing about church, culture, and politics. Maybe their friends are doing something noteworthy or good, but everyone else is missing the point or something like that.

This isn’t restricted to just one side of the debate. All sides  use the same phraseology.

The phrases start “No one listens….” “The Church doesn’t….” “Christians don’t…” “Republicans always…” “Democrats never…” These phrases include absolutes and indictments of motive and sincerity. The finger is always pointing way from the observer.

Now, you might be thinking that I am doing the same thing by pointing this out. If you’re not, I am. I get frustrated with the church, worship, missions, Christianity, believers, politics and politicians, and a host of other things. I get frustrated and then I recognize that I am doing it too.

I point fingers because I’m pretty sure I’m right about a lot of the things I’m pointing out. I do it and I’m tired of doing it.

I’m tired of being on the ‘Truth and Doing It Right Patrol.’ Actually, I’m tired of thinking that God needs my protection. What kind of deity needs my protection anyway?

The Bible is full of missteps and blame shifting. It is full of people that thought they knew better, had a better way, or just plain old got it wrong. Regardless, the story moved forward. The Bible is full of weird and uncomfortable people moving in God’s story and moving the story forward. This has led me to believe that the mission of God is not as fragile as I’ve thought.

So, here I am…in Oxford, Michigan. I attend a great church. Work hard on my life and faith. Read a bit, write a bit, discuss the faith a bit, and get frustrated when people don’t see it my way a bit. It’s okay.

I don’t have to fix Calvinists anymore than they need to fix me. I don’t need to stress out or fix the Emergent Church, Reformed Theology, the Roman Catholic Church, Nazarenes, Creationists, Evolutionists, Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Liberals, Evangelicals, Progressives, Atheists, or any of the other things that I let get me so worked up.

Instead of complain or point fingers I’m just going to bloom where I’m planted. I’m going to be a witness to the great and enduring love of God through Jesus Christ wherever I am. I’m going to work on being positive and filled with the kind of life I tell everyone is available through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I’m going to let God do the heavy lifting on everything else.

If I’m going to be honest all the problems I point out start with me.

4 thoughts on “The source of everything that is wrong and what I’m going to do about it.

  1. Kim Nebel

    I don’t think you complain or point fingers much at all, except when you’re talking about yourself. You are a great witness to Gods’ enduring love. Only don’t forget that you are as worthy of that love as others. When we are looking to critique or improve, our eyes are always best kept on ourselves, as we are the only one over whom we have control. Looking outward only distracts us from where we can really be effective.
    Allowing the Holy Spirit to move and work through us is the only positive effect we can have on others or furthering the gospel, as we by ourselves don’t really know what’s needed.

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