Evangelicalism and Failure.

Carol Howard Merritt wrote an article in the Huffington Post entitled: Why Evangelicalism Is Failing a New Generation.

Frank Green, a professor at George Fox Seminary asked for opinions. Never one to fail to give an opinion, I wrote the following.

I think I agree to what the author wrote. I  also think it doesn’t go deep enough.

Evangelicalism fails when it is only about salvation and not transformation. Transformation fails when love is not at the core. Love fails when it only loves those that are lovable.

Evangelicalism fails when it makes one person the CEO and one place the center of health and human services. The church can certainly serve as a temple, but we are the temple of the Holy Spirit. We are the place where heaven and earth reside. We are the place of hope and courage in a bedraggled and haggard world.

Evangelicalism fails when we relinquish our individual responsibilities of taking grace, forgiveness, mercy, and love from abstract theological discussions to tangible experiences.

Evangelicalism fails when we think that politics and the proper political climate are essential to the spread of the Gospel.

Evangelicalism fails when it makes ideas of masculinity from a fallen creation into the template of redeemed creation. It fails when we ardently maintain our understanding of women and men’s roles from Genesis 3 and forget the resurrection.

Evangelicalism fails when it makes our faith about a Lion that looks like Narnia’s Aslan and not a slaughter lamb.

Evangelicalism fails when we rationalize why our words do not match up with our deeds.

Evangelicalism fails when we make it personal and individual faith and neglect corporate and communal faith.

Evangelicalism fails when we look at the cross and think that there must be a better way.

Other than that, the article was spot on…

Why are our churches not growing? I’m not an expert in these things so my thoughts are simply that, my thoughts. I do believe that one of the greatest things that plagues us is that we have failed to live “incarnational” lives. In short, we are failing to put Skin on the Gospel.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Evangelicalism and Failure.

  1. Ron Estrada

    Evangelism fails when the individual determines that his or her compassion is administered by proxy through a government or corporate entity. When we stop looking to our elected officials or denomination to provide for our fellow man, and take that responsibility upon ourselves, only then can we reflect Christ and live as free people. Reliance on a government or corporate entity robs us of our freedom and robs those in need of the love that should be administered with the physical need.

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