The Zombie Life

My wife, Ruth, and I will be talking and there will be a bit of a lull in the conversation. Then, out of the blue, I’ll say something that seems totally unrelated. I’ll tell her of the 14 things that collided and bumped a neuron that caused the seemingly unrelated comment. And strangely, it helps her understand what I was saying.

This particular blog is the result of a couple of conversations, a few sermons, more than one movie, and an over active imagination. If I went into the details of how I got here, it might help you understand. Of course, it might not.

What if we are zombies? You know… the living dead. Think of Zombieland or Night of the Living Dead or The Walking Dead. In almost every movie, graphic novel, or book there is some sort of infection that causes death and then some kind of weird resurrection of sorts  where people that were bitten or scratched by the “undead” in turn become the walking dead themselves. These people roam the streets, shuffling their feet and groaning all the while looking for their next meal which is always something truly alive.

When they see a living person their shuffling turns into running and frenzy. Who knew that zombies were so hungry? I mean, they’re dead. Where does the appetite come from?

We’re like the walking dead. We have been infected by sin and separated from God. Eventually, regardless of how much food we eat or liquid we drink, we’ll die. We shuffle along in this life groaning for something that will give us life and when we see it, we get all hyped up trying to maintain our zombie life.

Apparently even the ‘undead’ don’t want to die. I know I don’t want to die, at least not any time soon. I believe it’s because we’re all wired for something bigger. The Scriptures tell us why: The writer of Ecclesiastes says that we all have eternity set in our hearts.

We go through so pretty extreme measure to maintain even the appearance of life. How many cosmetics, surgeries, and injections can a person have just to ‘look’ young and vital? We go to great lengths to keep old age and death at arm’s length.

Sadly, no matter what we do, we will decay and die.

Jesus came to deliver us from our Zombie Life. He came to show us that there is more to life than shuffling and groaning. He came to show us what we might already know: Without something miraculous happening we will always be zombies looking for the next fix. Nothing in this world will give us the true and everlasting life for which we are so desperate.

Jesus might say that zombie movies got it partly right. There is something to the flesh and blood thing. It’s just that we are looking for the wrong flesh and blood. The source of life is in Jesus Christ himself. It is his flesh and his blood that give true and everlasting life.

The eternity set in our hearts is only found when we satisfy our hunger through the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Anything else is zombie food.

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