Rewriting signs

I love this video. It is for a company that specializes in online content. Anyway, watch the video and I’ll share a quick thought afterward.

In Christianity we use the word sinner more than a little. A person that does not know Jesus as Lord and Savior is a sinner. A person that does know Jesus as Lord and Savior is a sinner saved by grace. One gets eternal punishment, the other gets eternal reward.

My problem is not with the idea of sin, sinning, or sinners. It is that that word causes us to treat people as sinning sinners. It frames the way we interact with them and treat them.

If someone refuses our Gospel presentation, they are sinners doomed for destruction. We don’t put much effort into it because they are, after all, sinners.

What if we rewrote their sign and identified them as precious and loved by God? That would change the way we see them and change the way we interact with them in a couple of ways. First, we would treat them with respect because of who they are in God’s eyes. Second, we would want them to experience God’s love the way we (hopefully) experience God’s love.

I guess we can write whatever sign we want, but I choose to use better words.

I know which sign I choose. Which one works for you?