I must have 100 notes and ideas in Google Keep. Maybe more. They are from Sermons, Podcasts, Conversations, and the rest of my life.

Some of them have to do with dying and death. Some are about my frustrations with the way we Christians are with each other. There are lots on love. Some on evangelism. I have a whole thing on Christianity and zombie movies.

But, I never write them to my blog. I used to write more often. Which isn’t difficult compared to the last couple of years. I still like to write. I simply stopped.

So, here is my first post at the end of the year.

For next year, if you have questions about hospice, marriage, life/death, love, evangelism (and how zombies fit in), and/or the Christian faith let me know.

Otherwise, I think we’ll start the New Year off with a simple idea for evangelim. It probablly won’t be easy but I think it is simple. It will likely be a few parts.


Happy New Year!

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